It is a nutritionally loaded superfooded week of restful bliss.The Yoga, Paddle surf and Massage Holiday Retreat is an exclusive 7-day detox with yoga, paddle surfing and swimming, which is entirely optional.

A daily dose of happiness.

[list] [li type=”glyphicon-ok”]All deliciously prepared Ayurvedic organic meals[/li] [li type=”glyphicon-ok”]A free massage for a 7-day stay[/li] [li type=”glyphicon-ok”]1 SUP session, every Thursday (weather permitting)[/li] [li type=”glyphicon-ok”]2 daily yoga and meditation sessions[/li] [li type=”glyphicon-ok”]Ayurveda workshops based on nutrition and diet, every Wednesday[/li] [li type=”glyphicon-ok”]Facial yoga rejuvenation, every Friday[/li] [li type=”glyphicon-ok”]6 nights accommodation[/li] [li type=”glyphicon-ok”]Mountain walking, every Saturday[/li] [/list]


A newly renovated and sweet Majorcan house in the heart of the island. Simplicity and freshness, together with comfortable beds and personal touches, are thought for your comfort. Accommodations are normally shared with a guest from the same gender, unless you require a single room. There are 2 bathrooms, which will be shared with the other guests.

[table width =”100%” style =” table-hover” responsive =”true”] [table_head] [th_column]Rooms[/th_column] [th_column]3 Days[/th_column] [th_column]4 Days[/th_column] [th_column]5 Days[/th_column] [th_column]6 Days[/th_column] [th_column]7 Days[/th_column] [/table_head] [table_body] [table_row] [row_column]Private room[/row_column] [row_column]220€[/row_column] [row_column]330€[/row_column] [row_column]440€[/row_column] [row_column]550€[/row_column] [row_column]660€[/row_column] [/table_row] [table_row] [row_column]Caracol[/row_column] [row_column]Single – 280€, Double – 190€/p[/row_column] [row_column]Single – 420€, Double – 285€/p [/row_column] [row_column]Single – 560€, Double – 375€/p[/row_column] [row_column]Single – 700€, Double – 465€/p[/row_column] [row_column]Single – 840€, Double – 560€/p[/row_column] [/table_row] [table_row] [row_column]Japanese King[/row_column] [row_column]Single – 300€, Double – 180€/p[/row_column] [row_column]Single – 450€, Double – 270€/p[/row_column] [row_column]Single – 600€, Double – 360€/p[/row_column] [row_column]Single – 750€, Double – 450€/p[/row_column] [row_column]Single – 900€, Double – 540€/p[/row_column] [/table_row] [table_row] [row_column]Double room[/row_column] [row_column]Single – 280€, Double – 190€/p[/row_column] [row_column]Single – 420€, Double – 285€/p[/row_column] [row_column]Single – 560€, Double – 375€/p[/row_column] [row_column]Single – 700€, Double – 465€/p[/row_column] [row_column]Single – 840€, Double – 560€/p[/row_column] [/table_row] [/table_body] [/table]

Twin rooms

If you are a solo traveler who is happy to room-share with a stranger and there are two places available for your chosen room, Ashram Om & Yoga Inbound will make sure that your roommate is the same gender as you. If another room share guest does not book the other bed and you are the sole occupant, then the single occupancy surcharge will be waived.

Single rooms

Single occupancy is possible for most of the twin bedded rooms by paying a single supplement surcharge. Please note that this may not always be available.

Ashram Om & Yoga Inbound welcomes non-participating partners or friends. Please contact Ashram Om & Yoga Inbound for the package.