The Yoga, Health Coaching and Massage Retreat is an exclusive 7-day detox with yoga, swimming and walking, which is entirely optional.

It is a nutritionally loaded superfooded week of restful bliss.

A daily dose of happiness.

A chance to explore raw foods.

Discover the amazing benefits of raw foods with daily workshops including how to prepare delicious raw recipes

[list] [li type=”glyphicon-ok”]deliciously prepared Ayurvedic meals[/li] [li type=”glyphicon-ok”]creative nutritious salads[/li] [li type=”glyphicon-ok”]deliciously prepared organic meals[/li] [li type=”glyphicon-ok”]yoga[/li] [li type=”glyphicon-ok”]outdoor activities like hiking[/li] [li type=”glyphicon-ok”]medicinal herbs and nutritional consultation to clean the body from toxins and parasites that built up in the colon and digestive system over years of living in toxic environments, poor nutrition and stressful living. Most of the herbs are collected manually by our team.[/li] [/list]

Treat yourself to nourishing juices and scrumptious exotic salads. Pick your fruit from the trees. Learn all about raw food and how to prepare it. This retreat encourages thoughtful, healthy meals

This Retreat allows your body to live to its fullest potential, detoxifying it, cleaning the different “channels”, such as the colon, liver and kidneys. After this process your blood stream will get purer and every cell in the body will be nourished.
Begin a new life, rejuvenating your body in a simple way!