In this Rejuvenation Anti Aging Retreat, our team combines the Naturopathic medicine and the clinical experience acquired in India to obtain a holistic approach. We offer you a truly personalised and complete therapy, with long-term and deep results!

The Naturopathic detoxification begins with a profound diagnosis, to detect the origin of the toxins and their systems or organs of accumulation. During the Retreat each participant will be given a specific herbal preparation to help him eliminate the toxins, flushing the kidneys, the intestine and liver; activating, simultaneously these eliminating organs and systems. The detoxificaton process will be supported by manual therapies, such as Ayurveda and Yoga, together with a personalised diet.

Our therapies do not only search for a local and temporary relief from symptoms, but they aim at a deep treatment of disease, looking for the cause and origin, which have caused the discomfort, in order to treat it and avoid its reappearance. They also help prevent possible diseases, determining the pathological tendencies of the person, according to his constitutional body type and his behaviour pattern.

The treatments offered at Ashram Om originate from the Panchakarma clinics of South India and are presented with detail to authenticity. They are known as dhara, meaning “a continuous flow”. This does not only refer to the actual flow of the herbalized oils, but on a more subtle level to the ongoing feeling of contentment and well-being which results from these treatments. After the retreat, guests return home with methods of self-care that support their immunity physical tone, and strengthen their emotional and mental wellness.
This Retreat includes:

Yoga classes, focused on Bio-breathing (Pranayama) & hormones (Hormone Yoga) to purify the cells from within
6 nights in unique accommodation
Full board (breakfast, lunch and Ayurvedic dinner)
Ayurvedic teas
Use of all facilities (spring-pool (according to the season), sauna, gardens)
Personal consultation with our Ayurveda specialist & ayurvedic herbs and pills
5-6 Ayurvedic therapies, according to personal necessities (for example, herbal steam bath, Udvartan, honey massage)
Detailed diagnosis
Evaluation and application of a personalized therapy program
Daily Facial Yoga – face rejuvenation of the 57 face muscles, through toning and exclusive oil application
Use of oil enemas (basti) – if required
Sauna – herbal sweating (svedana) as a part of internal purification
Organic freshly-sqeezed juices (Max GersonĀ“s therapy)
Health and nutrition counselling
Creation of a personalized health plan for 6 months
1 l. of medicated Ayurvedic oil for body auto-massage – present
50 ml. exclusive breast anti-wrinkle oil – present


The retreat doesn’t include:

Flights to and from Palma de Mallorca
Transport to and from the airport
Additional food and drinks not mentioned previously
Additional therapies
Personal insurance