Ashram OM Retreats offer Mindfulness Meditation programs built around silence, ranging in length from 3 to 7 days. All include yoga and moving meditation, but the focus is on quiet contemplation. They are offered in traditions ranging from Buddhism and Hinduism to Christianity.

Silence is our true nature. Silence is the space between our thoughts. Silence is where infinite happiness is experienced. Through silence, it’s possible to experience a deep sense of belonging and understanding of self. And the more you understand yourself, the more you understand the world.

Silence (or “Mouna”) is not just absence of speech but also the quietening of mental activity. Periods of silence guide us on the path of self-discovery and self analysis, revealing avenues of change required that we have not been able to identify or even realize in the bustle and noise of everyday life. According to the Vedas each one of us must learn to experience these moments of “Mouna”.

Besides the psychological, there are physical health benefits of being still, quieting the mind and eliminating noise. Silent retreats help guests suffering from:

– insomnia
– anxiety and depression
– high blood pressure
– stress
– and many more

You’ll spend the time in seated meditation (3 meditations per day) and mindful work practice; silence is observed throughout. Rooms are shared in a luxury old-palace, with wonderful swimming-pool and sauna. There is some free time to relax and do some karma yoga, as well.

Meals are vegetarian, prepared with delicious, organic fruits and vegetables.