When does the training officially start and end?

Training will commence at 3.00pm on the 1st day of your Training, during 2023. You are expected to arrive at the Ashram between 1:30-2:30pm on that day. On our last day graduation circle takes place at 9:45 and the program officially ends at 11:30am. 

Can I extend my stay at the Ashram either before or after the training?

If due to travel schedule you need to arrive one day before and leave one day after the course, we would suggest booking a place to stay either in the village of Binissalem or in Central Palma, as we unfortunately won’t be able to provide you with accommodation before and after course dates.

I know that this is a residential training, but can I choose to stay elsewhere?

Yes, although we would prefer our students to be residential trainees, you are welcome to stay somewhere else. Preferably somewhere very close by as our morning classes start as early as 7am, and on some days they may end as late as 9.30pm.

Can my family members or friends stay with me at Ashram Om during the training?

In order to keep the exclusivity and maintain the energy of the group, friends and family members who are not part of the training would have to rent separate accommodation. There are plenty of places for rent around the village of Binissalem. However, if you are coming to do the training as a group with friends and family, you may request to stay in the same room.

How much free time do we get? How intense is this course?

You will notice that the first few days of training feels the most intense, as we are all adapting to the new learning environment, getting to know our new yogi friends, absorbing tons of information, and in general going through an overall body, mind and spirit detoxification. Given that this is a 200hr YTT completed within 15 days (on top of your pre-assignments), there will be a lot to cover, especially during the first half of the training. Your typical day would start at 7am and end at 8.30pm, there are some nights that will end at 9.30pm, with short breaks in between classes and longer breaks after lunch hours.

I am allergic to animals, do you have pets?

There are 3 loving cats living in Casa Radha´s land. They are not allowed inside the house.

I don’t have a strong yoga practice, can I still participate?

Yes, you may still participate in this training even though you don’t have a “strong” practice. Our requirement is that you must have a minimum of 1 year consistent practice. It is recommended to have a general idea of the main asanas, their benefits, basic anatomical information etc. And even if you are relatively new to yoga, this teacher training is the best way to learn, evolve and deepen your knowledge in yoga by creating a strong foundation for your life-long practice.

Is coffee served during the training?

Sorry coffee lovers, this unfortunately would not be provided or served throughout the training. Instead, you will have access to a variety of teas and other non caffeinated drinks!

What to bring?

  1. Comfortable hiking shoes (trail boots) or good trainers are advisable for the mountain walks, as we are in the beautiful Tramuntana mountains and will enjoy a few excursions. It is important to bring a small backpack.
  2. A water bottle is a MUST for the YTT as we provide pure water to refill your bottles.
  3. A small pocket torch is handy if you go out of the house at night.
  4. In the summer months, insect repellent and possibly an anti-mosquito room plug-in device (most of the year we are mosquito free).
  5. The electrical system and voltage in Spain is the same as in the rest of Europe – electrical equipment bought from the UK needs a 2-pin adapter for Spanish sockets.
  6. From October – April we recommend warmer clothes for chilly mornings and evenings. Add some extra layers as we normally plan various outdoor activities! 
  7. Although there is little rain in the area, a light waterproof is advisable for the mountain walks.
  8. In hot weather (mid-June until end of September) retreat guests can enjoy Paddle Surf in the sea – for this, you might need sports sunglasses and sports sun hat, which you don’t mind getting wet.
  9. Comfortable clothes that you can stretch and breathe in. Add some layers of warm clothes, as it will get cooler in the evenings and mornings in May, September, and October. We may also get some rain during these months. July and August average temperatures are 27° – 33° so very few clothes will be needed.
  10. Sun hat, swimming suit, sunglasses and sunscreen (organic), mosquito repellent (organic), summer clothes and flip flops. We also sell 100% organic, mineral sunscreen and mosquito repellent.
  11. Please only bring Organic toiletries – shampoos, soaps, conditioners, sunscreens, repellents. We, as a small Ashram don’t want to contribute to the pollution of Mother Earth and kindly ask all our guests to be conscious of it.
  12. For the YTT please bring a tablet or a mobile, which will allow you to download and access your Files and videos for the Course.

What NOT to bring?

  1. Yoga props such as mats, blankets, blocks, belt and meditation cushions.
  2. Hair dryers, hair curlers, hair straighteners, or any other large electrical equipment, as our electrical system won’t take it.
  3. Two towels per person are provided by the house. If you might need an extra one, you are welcome to bring your own towel.

What our guests buy from Ashram Om?

  1. Unique, extra virgin-olive oil, certified (acid free!) from our own sun-ripe olives.
  2. Cleansing herbs or preparations.
  3. Kidney cleansing local herbs.
  4. Organic SPF40 sunscreen and non-toxic environmentally friendly bug repellent.

How do I get to Ashram Om/ Casa Radha?

We are located in Binissalem, just about 29 km from the airport.

There are a few ways you can get here:

  • By train:  reaching Binissalem by train is easy and convenient. The schedule is here.
  • By taxi: If you are coming by taxi, you should tell the driver to go to Binissalem. We are in the center of the island, on the outskirts of Binissalem. It is very convenient to get a taxi – there is a taxi stand in front of the airport. And it may cost you 40-50€.
  • By car: Please keep in mind we only have 2 parking spaces, and you would need to inform us in case you are renting a car, otherwise we cannot guarantee your parking spot.

If you are coming for the Yoga Teacher Training course, you will be able to organise and Share a ride via our Whatsapp Group. Joining the Whatsapp Group is mandatory for all Ashram Om YTT students.

Lastly, we will send the location via group chat and mail. We will send you our mobile number and share the pinned location with you – that is the most accurate location sharing option, as Casa Radha has no street name or number.