Ayurveda Consultations Online with Maria Sabeva, M.A.

Maria Sabeva, M.A. offers Ayurvedic real-life consultation services for those who seek authentic Ayurveda solutions for any health issue. Ayurveda is the ancient science of healing from India, and literally means “science of life.” Diet and lifestyle are two very important pillars of Ayurvedic health, and the Ayurvedic Consultations provided by Maria will focus especially on these two areas to help you move towards better personal balance and inner strength.

Your Ayurvedic constitution includes finding out the imbalance of doshas (type of constitution), blockage of channels, improper functioning of the dhatus (tissues), improper functioning of various cleaning or excretory system (mala), determining the strength of one’s digestive fire and immune system.
It also helps us choose a proper medicine/treatment according to the person’s constitution.

Your initial interview

  • A series of questions that assist in narrowing down your Ayurvedic “body type” which is the elemental disposition of your body and mind
  • Discussion of your past struggles, current condition and future goals that you hope these dietary and lifestyle adjustments can help you reach
  • Darshana Evaluation: An Ayurvedic “diagnosis” based on your physical appearance and voice
  • Tongue Evaluation: Using the tongue as a microcosm of the body to better understand a person’s overall health
  • Presentation of essential guidelines to begin treatment immediately based on all of the above


Follow-up Consultations

After the first 1-2 hour-long consultation you will be able to schedule shorter follow-up sessions which span from 30 to 60 minutes depending on the need. These are important ways to help maintain the guidance of the first interview, and allow Maria to refine a personalized program for you to follow over a long period. They are intended to develop a kind of accountability, since they will largely focus on how well you are following the program and what its effects have been for you.


Appointments are held via online, one-on-one through Skype. Detailed instructions on how to reach Maria are given upon scheduling an appointment.

This Ayurvedic Consultation will consist of
[list] [li type=”glyphicon-ok”]Prakriti of the patient.[/li] [li type=”glyphicon-ok”]Diagnosis of the disease.[/li] [li type=”glyphicon-ok”]Prescribing Diet, lifestyle, and remedies.[/li] [li type=”glyphicon-ok”]Suggesting medicine and supplements.[/li] [/list]


Two easy steps for this Online Personal Consultation

  1. Fill in the application form.
  2. Make necessary Payment.

The cost of the Online Consultation is 55€ for a 1st sesion or 45€ for follow up sessions.
Make your payment through Paypal. Contact us for more information.

Ashram Om offers real life consultations for those who seek authentic Ayurveda solutions. We assist you in discovering your ideal health through Ayurveda and ancient Naturopathy.

Ayurveda is defined as the science of life. Ayurveda is not just about symptomatic treatment but this historical system of medicine looks at the bigger picture and focuses on eradication of diseases from its very root. A system created by the god of ayurveda, Dhanvantari himself, brings this timeless ayurvedic practice at your disposal with just one click. Make ayurveda, the so called alternative treatment practices not only your primary choice for treatment but also way of living a green and healthy life. We use traditional methods of providing personalized root-cause treatment advise.

If you choose to have a Dedicated Health Coach: Your personal health coach will keep a close track of your health status and follow up with you and help you manage your health.