3-28th June 2019

A unique acupuncture course, that allows you to practice with real patients every day. Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and in the tradition of Prof. Sri Anton Jayasuriya from Sri Lanka, Prof. David Lujan will guide you personally through this practical experience, both in the theoretical part and the practical.

Prof. David Lujan introduced into the acupuncture world the following theories:

· Natural Acupuncture

· The reflective Universe theory.

· The Natural Wheel of Health and Balance

· The Angle theory

· The Tower of Communication

· Main diagnosis through breathing

· Natural Meridians (renamed of all points)

· The definition and work throughout Subconscious (inner organs)

· Subconscious pulse taking

· The pathological relationships between organs (Sadistic/Masochistic)

He is author of the following books:

· The reflexive Universe: The crazy option rejected by Einstein (published by Almuzara 2006)

· No leadership: foundations for a new order (published by Sepa 2008)

· 101 Oriental teaching for health and balance (published by CCS Editorial 2009)

· Sons of the Sea: our original amphibians design (published by Ecan editions 2010)

· Natural Acupuncture : profound review of Traditional China Medicine (published by Almuzara 2011)

Prof. David Lujan, as the founder of ECAN School of Acupucture, was awarded at the 47th World Congress for Complementary Medicine (2009) with the Merit of Excellence: for his career of teaching and his profound contributions to the Traditional Chinese Medicine, making grow Prof. Anton Jayasuriya’s work and for the creation of new important methons for the good of all patients.

DATE: 3-28th June 2019
PLACE: Binissalem, Mallorca, Spain
TIMETABLE: Monday – Friday 9:00am – 1:00pm/ morning lectures on theory
Monday – Friday 4:00pm – 8:00pm/ evening clinic practice with real patients
COST: 990€

All students perform all treatments by themselves, supervised by the teacher at all times.
The advantage of this unique course is the opportunity of applying the theoretical knowledge into practice every day.

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