What to bring

  • Comfortable hiking shoes (trail boots) or good trainers are advisable for the mountain walks, as we are in the beautiful Tramuntana mountains and will enjoy a few excursions. Important to bring your backpack
  • A small pocket torch is handy if you go out of the house at night.
  • In the summer months, insect repellent and possibly an anti-mosquito room plug-in device (most of the year we are mosquito free).
  • The electrical system and voltage in Spain is the same as in the rest of Europe – electrical equipment bought from the UK needs a 2-pin adapter for Spanish sockets.
  • If you usually suffer from travel sickness, you might like to take some travel sickness pills with you as our roads are winding!
  • From October – April we recommend warmer clothes for chilly mornings and evenings.
  • Although there is little rain in the area, a light waterproof is advisable for the mountain walks.
  • In hot weather (mid-June until end of September) guests enjoy Paddle Surf in the sea – for this, you might need sports sun glasses and sports sun hat, which you don’t mind getting wet.
  • Comfortable clothes that you can stretch and breathe in. Add some layers of warm clothes, as it will get cooler in the evenings and mornings in May, September and October. We may also get some rain during these months. July and August average temperatures are 27° – 33° so very few clothes will be needed.
  • Sun hat, swimming suit, sunglasses and sunscreen (we do offer amazing organic sunscreen up to 75SPF), mosquito repellent, summer clothes and flip flops and hiking shoes for the mountain.
  • Get Euros before you leave. There is no ATM machine in the local village, so make sure you have enough cash for your travels.

What not to bring

  • Yoga props and mat; we have mats and have blankets, blocks and meditation cushions).
  • You also don’t have to take your credit cards (we don’t accept them) and the nearest ATM is about 6km away.
  • Hairdryers or any other large electrical equipment, as our electrical system won’t take it
  • Towels are also provided by the house

What our guests buy from Ashram Om

  • Unique, extra virgin-olive oil, certified (acid free!) from our own sun-ripe olives.
  • Cleansing herbs or preparations.
  • Kidney cleansing local herbs.