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Our Retreats are a blend of rejuvenation yoga classes, peaceful and relaxing holidays, organic, delicious and vegetarian cuisine, world-class holistic treatments, mountain walking, sea activities and more. They suit everyone, whether you are a beginner, or simply need a break, or even want to improve your practice and learn some philosophy and meditation.


Imagine leaving your stress behind and immersing yourself in nature at a holistic, simple eco-retreat where you can truly rejuvenate your spirit and body. Imagine practicing yoga in Majorca on the soft white sand, at sunrise by the sea. Live a true Yoga Holiday in one of the most stunning places in Majorca!

At Yoga Retreats Ashram Om you can nurture yourself with delicious organic foods, professional massage and delightful meditations and yoga sessions. There are two yoga and meditation classes a day. A list of professional therapies is available upon request.

This Retreat includes:
• exclusive accommodation in an old-Majorcan villa with sea views (shared)
• delicious vegetarian and organic meals (mostly collected from our garden)
• 2 yoga and/or meditation classes/ day (yoga postures, breathing exercises, meditation & relaxation techniques)
• 1 Abhyanga massage
• Paddle surf (in summer)
• Ayurveda workshop based on nutrition & diet according to your body type
• Facial Yoga rejuvenation (upon request)
• Mountain walking
• Sauna – herbal sweating (svedana) as a part of internal purification (according to the season)

Normally Week retreats start on a Monday (with a welcome lunch at 2pm) and end on a Sunday (at 3:30pm). Weekend retreats are from Friday to Sunday(although you can choose any 2 ½ days during a Retreat).
This is what a typical Retreat looks like. There are variations in the Yoga Retreat Program from one date to another.


8:00 – Wake up
8:30 – Fresh fruit smoothie
8:45 – Hiking, beach, aqua yoga/paddle surf, picnic
5:00 – Therapy time
7:30 – Traditional Yoga
8:30 – Dinner
9:00 – Movie night



8:00 – Wake-up
8:30 – Yoga class
10:00 – Breakfast
11:30 – Free time
1:30 – Lunch
4:30 – Therapy or Workshop time
7:00 – Yoga class
8:30 – Dinner
9:30 – Musical night


The Detox week is a powerful 100% organic detox process that combines natural juice fasting and raw food, yoga, outdoor activities like mountain walking, medicinal herbs and nutritional consultation to clean the body from toxins and parasites that built up in the colon and digestive system over years of living in toxic environments, poor nutrition and stressful living. Most of the herbs are collected manually by our team.

This Retreat allows your body to live to its fullest potential, detoxifying it, cleaning the different “channels”, such as the colon, liver and kidneys. After this process your blood stream will get purer and every cell in the body will be nourished.
Begin a new life, rejuvenating your body in a simple way!

This Retreat includes:
• exclusive accommodation in an old-Majorcan villa (shared)
• delicious vegetarian and organic meals (juices and raw food)
• 1 day fruit fasting/ 1 day juice fasting
• 2 ashtanga & vinyasa yoga and/or meditation classes/ day
• 1 Abhyanga massage
• Paddle surf
• 2 Ayurveda presentations
• Ayurveda consultation
• Mountain walking
• Sauna – herbal sweating (svedana) as a part of internal purification (according to the season)


This meditation program is built around silence, ranging in length from 3 to 7 days. It includes yoga and moving meditation, but the focus is on quiet contemplation. It is offered in traditions ranging from Buddhism and Hinduism to Christianity.

In this Retreat you will find relief or cure to many ailments, such as:
• insomnia
• anxiety and depression
• high blood pressure
• stress
• and many more

You’ll spend the time in seated meditation (3 meditations per day) and mindful work practice; silence is observed throughout. Rooms are shared in a luxury old-palace, with wonderful swimming-pool and sauna. There is some free time to relax and do some karma yoga, as well.

This Retreat includes:
• exclusive accommodation in an old-Majorcan villa (shared)
• vegetarian and organic meals
• 1 yoga class/ day
• 3 meditations / day
• Mountain walking
• Karma yoga


The Naturopathic detoxification begins with a profound diagnosis, to detect the origin of the toxins and their systems or organs of accumulation. During the Retreat each participant will be given a specific (personalized) herbal preparation to help him eliminate the toxins, flushing the kidneys, the intestine and liver; activating, simultaneously these eliminating organs and systems. The detoxificaton process will be supported by manual therapies, such as Ayurveda and Yoga, together with a personalised diet.

This Retreat includes:
• Yoga classes
• 6 nights in exclusive accommodation
• Full board (breakfast, lunch and Ayurvedic dinner)
• Ayurvedic teas
• Use of all facilities (spring-pool, sauna, gardens)
• Personal consultation with our Ayurveda specialist
• 2-4 Ayurvedic therapies per day (2-5 hours) according to personal necessities (for example, herbal steam bath, Udvartan, honey massage)
• Detailed personal diagnosis
• Evaluation and application of a personalized therapy program
• Daily Facial Yoga – face rejuvenation of the 57 face muscles, through toning and exclusive oil application
• Use of oil enemas (basti)
• Sauna – herbal sweating (svedana) as a part of internal purification
• Health and nutrition counseling
• Creation of a personalized health plan for 6 months
• 1 l. of medicated Ayurvedic oil for body auto-massage – present
• 50 ml. exclusive breast anti-wrinkle oil – present

Ashram Om offers one of the best yoga retreats in Spain, near the sea and mountains. Reserve your place!

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