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What to bring?

  • Comfortable hiking shoes (trail boots) or good trainers are advisable for the mountain walks, as we are at the foothills of the beautiful Tramuntana mountains and will enjoy a few excursions. Important to bring your bagpack.
  • A small pocket torch is handy if you go out of the house at night.
  • In the summer months, insect repellent and possibly an anti-mosquito room plug-in device (most of the year we are mosquito free).
  • The electrical system and voltage in Spain is the same as in the rest of Europe – electrical equipment bought from the UK needs a 2-pin adapter for Spanish sockets.
  • If you usually suffer from travel sickness, you might like to take some travel sickness pills with you as our roads are winding!
  • Sun hat, sunglasses, sun creams are a must for summer months. July and August average temperatures are 27° – 33° so very few clothes will be needed.
  • A swimming suit.
  • Please don´t bring or use hairdryers in the house – the electrical system can´t bear it.
  • From October – April we recommend warmer clothes for chilly mornings and evenings.
  • Although there is little rain in the area, a light waterproof is advisable for the mountain walks.
  • In hot weather (mid-June until end of September) guests enjoy Paddle Surf in the sea – for this, you might need sports sun glasses and sports sun hat, which you don’t mind getting wet.