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It is a unique treat­ment to take care and give strength to your spine. In
this treat­ment, a piece of dough is kept in a round walled area on the
back and is lled with warm ther­a­peu­tic oils. Use­ful in spondy­lo­sis and
any back pain.
30 min — 20€



This won­der­ful Ayurvedic ther­apy con­sists of full head and body mas­sage
admin­is­tered by one tech­ni­cian work­ing on your body (option­ally
two ther­a­pists may give simul­ta­ne­ously the mas­sage) . Aro­matic herbal
oils are lov­ingly applied in a con­tin­uos owing sequence. The depth,
speed and type of herbal oil varies accord­ing to your Ayurvedic body
40min — 40€

Patrapinda Sveda

Patrapinda Sveda

It is a spe­cial kind of treat­ment in which a bolus made of herbs is used to
do mas­sage and suda­tion both at the same time. It is use­ful in dis­eases
of joint, skin and mus­cu­lar sys­tem.
30 min – 30€



This bliss­ful heal­ing ses­sion helps bal­ance the body’s energy points by
stim­u­lat­ing pow­er­ful junc­tion points or “Mar­mas”. It can also help resolve
emo­tional imbal­ances, increase men­tal clar­ity and induce calm­ness,
condence and feel­ings of self-esteem.
60 min — 60€



A coarse herbal paste is applied to the body by your tech­ni­cian. It enlivens
and ener­gises the body help­ing to pro­mote bet­ter diges­tion,
health­ier skin and rmer mus­cle tone. It also increases cir­cu­la­tion, help­ing
break down fatty deposits and cel­lulite and is there­fore rec­om­mended
to those wish­ing to lose weight.
60 min — 55€


Rasay­nam (Reju­ve­na­tion Therapy)

This is a won­der­ful branch of Ayurvedic treat­ment, deal­ing with anti­age­ing
and pre­ven­tive treat­ments, you now have an option to live a
healthy life and achieve longevity.
60 min — 60€

Honey Massage

Honey mas­sage

This ancient ther­apy for purication of the blood and end­cocrine sys­tem
works mir­a­cles on every­one. It is not well-known and we are proud to
oer it to our guests. We use 100% eco­log­i­cal honey and you will be
sur­prised by the results. In the case of smok­ers the results are even more
shock­ing, when the honey absorbs the smell of tobacco and changes
com­pletely its struc­ture. It is advis­able to make a ses­sion of at least 3
con­sec­u­tive mas­sages. Best results — 7 con­sec­u­tive ses­sions. Try this for
your­self! And let us pam­per you!
45 min. — 40€


SUJOK Ther­apy

Our spe­cial­ist will make a short diag­no­sis and then the nec­es­sary treat­ment,
accord­ing to your needs. Seeds, mag­nets, sujok nee­dles or mas­sage
tech­niques are used. SUJOK is famous for treat­ing asthma, aler­gies,
anx­i­ety, infer­til­ity and many other prob­lems.
60 min — 60€

Face Massage

Face Mas­sage

Learn the mirac­u­lous tech­niques of how to main­tain your face always
young. By exer­cis­ing each face mus­cle and relax­ing it after­wards you
obtain elas­tic tis­sues, improved micro-circulation and a com­pletely new
skin-look. You can mould the shape of your face just as you would the
shape of your body in a gym. It is the same idea, but with smaller
mus­cles. Dis­cover the secret to your beauty. Learn this tech­nique and
prac­tice it eas­ily at home.
30 min — 30€

Thai Massage

Thai Mas­sage

This orig­i­nal tech­nique includes stretch­ing and deep mas­sage. It reminds
of a yoga ses­sion done to you by the ther­a­pist, together with press­ing of
the sen chan­nels. No oil is used in Thai mas­sage.
30 min — 30€

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