Massages and Therapies

Ayurvedic Treatments and Other Therapies

Kati-Vasti Kati-Vasti
It is a unique treatment to take care and give strength to your spine. In this treatment, a piece of dough is kept in a round walled area on the back and is lled with warm therapeutic oils. Useful in spondylosis and any back pain. 30 min – 20€
Abhyangam Abhyangam
This wonderful Ayurvedic therapy consists of full head and body massage administered by one technician working on your body (optionally two therapists may give simultaneously the massage) . Aromatic herbal oils are lovingly applied in a continuos owing sequence. The depth, speed and type of herbal oil varies according to your Ayurvedic body type. 40min – 40€
Patrapinda Sveda Patrapinda Sveda
It is a special kind of treatment in which a bolus made of herbs is used to do massage and sudation both at the same time. It is useful in diseases of joint, skin and muscular system. 30 min – 30€
Marma Marma
This blissful healing session helps balance the body’s energy points by stimulating powerful junction points or “Marmas”. It can also help resolve emotional imbalances, increase mental clarity and induce calmness, condence and feelings of self-esteem. 60 min – 60€
Udvartana Udvartana
A coarse herbal paste is applied to the body by your technician. It enlivens and energises the body helping to promote better digestion, healthier skin and rmer muscle tone. It also increases circulation, helping break down fatty deposits and cellulite and is therefore recommended to those wishing to lose weight. 60 min – 55€
Rasaynam Rasaynam (Rejuvenation Therapy)
This is a wonderful branch of Ayurvedic treatment, dealing with antiageing and preventive treatments, you now have an option to live a healthy life and achieve longevity. 60 min – 60€
Honey Massage Honey massage
This ancient therapy for purication of the blood and endcocrine system works miracles on everyone. It is not well-known and we are proud to oer it to our guests. We use 100% ecological honey and you will be surprised by the results. In the case of smokers the results are even more shocking, when the honey absorbs the smell of tobacco and changes completely its structure. It is advisable to make a session of at least 3 consecutive massages. Best results – 7 consecutive sessions. Try this for yourself! And let us pamper you! 45 min. – 40€
Our specialist will make a short diagnosis and then the necessary treatment, according to your needs. Seeds, magnets, sujok needles or massage techniques are used. SUJOK is famous for treating asthma, alergies, anxiety, infertility and many other problems. 60 min – 60€
Face Massage Face Massage
A face massage including draining of toxins, relaxing of tense muscles and wrinkles, with the use of saffron oil or essential oils, according to your skin type. A very pleasant way to recover your skin´s elasticity and tone. 30 min – 30€
Thai Massage Thai Massage
This original technique includes stretching and deep massage. It reminds of a yoga session done to you by the therapist, together with pressing of the sen channels. No oil is used in Thai massage. 30 min – 30€
Facial Yoga Facial Yoga
Learn the miraculous techniques of how to maintain your face always young. By exercising each face muscle and relaxing it afterwards you obtain elastic tissues, improved micro-circulation and a completely new skin-look. You can mould the shape of your face just as you would the shape of your body in a gym. It is the same idea, but with smaller muscles. Discover the secret to your. 60 min – 60€
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