The Mallorca Yoga Experience
Find the true meaning of Yoga
We will teach you the right steps to a healthy practice, including a proper mental focus, strengthen your determination and harmonize your energies.
Experiencia Yoga en Mallorca
Encuentra el verdadero significado de Yoga
Te enseñaremos los correctos pasos para una práctica saludable, incluyendo un adecuado enfoque de la mente, reforzar tu determinación y armonizar tus energías.
Mouth-watering vegetarian food
We are what we eat
You will have the chance to savour delicious organic Mediterranean food, carefully prepared by our experienced cook. It is vegetarian and offered in a very cosy atmosphere.
Unique rural Mallorcan setting
Purify your body, mind and soul
In our lovely, luxury house, you can leave your world behind and submerge yourself in a delightful experience full of challenges, new discoveries and surprises.
Entorno mallorquín rural único
Purifica tu cuerpo, mente y alma
En nuestro encantador y lujoso palacete, puedes dejar tu mundo atrás y sumergirte en una deliciosa experiencia llena de retos, nuevos descubrimientos y sorpresas.
Join our weightloss program
Change your lifestyle
You will have the opportunity to get in shape and relax your mind among the peaceful sounds of the sea breeze, beside the magnificent mountains, breathing the fresh air of the island.
Únete a nuestro programa de perder peso
Cambia tu estilo de vida
Tendrás la oportunidad de ponerte en forma y relajar tu mente entre los pacíficos sonidos de la brisa del mar, junto a las magníficas montañas y respirando el aire fresco de la isla.
Professional and pleasant massages
Delight your senses
Our treatments will make you release all tensions in hands of therapists specially trained in India reviving ancient techniques of wellbeing.
Masajes profesionales y placenteros
Deleita tus sentidos
Nuestros tratamientos harán relajar todas tus tensiones en manos de nuestros terapeutas entrenados en India, reviviendo antiguas técnicas de bienestar.
Bhagavad Gita 8.12:
Closing all the doors of the senses and fixing the mind on the heart and the life air at the top of the head, one establishes himself in yoga.
Bhagavad Gita 8.12:
Closing the doors of the senses and fixing the mind in the heart, and the vital air in the upper part of the head, one is established in Yoga.
Old-Mallorcan luxury house
Discover a true palace!
A typical rural house with stunning decoration that could impress even the most demanding visitors! A perfect environment to concentrate on your inner self.
Old Mallorcan Palace
Discover a true Mallorcan palace!
An exclusive rural palace with impressive decoration, which will satisfy even the most demanding guests. A perfect place to connect to your inner self, relax and enjoy the beauty of life.
Musical workshop
Musical workshop with Paco
Awaken your senses with our musical workshop. Discover your inner world through different musical techniques. It's a fantastic experience to discover your inner treasures.
Divine pool with waterfalls
Let your thoughts be washed away by the sound of water..
Let your thoughts be washed away by the sound of water.. Dive deep into the peace residing in your own self. Submerge into a timeless space, where you can recover and reappear strong and joyful.
The power of sound
Discover your hidden talents. Forget your past. Become a child once again. Be free. Feel. Don´t think for a while. Laugh. Enjoy. Be yourself. Discover. Relax. Love. Purify. Breathe. Smile. Sing. Swim. Dance. Float. Listen. Smile again. Life is beauty.

Welcome to Ashram OM

The BEST Yoga and Detox Retreat in Majorca and Spain.

Your destination to an exclusive retreat in Majorca, the sunniest island in Spain. We are a team of professionals who will relax and detox your body & mind, tone your muscles & cleanse your body from toxins. Our philosophy is to provide you with relaxation holidays, offering holistic care, discovering a new vision on life. Yoga, meditation and Ayurveda are our tools. Paddle surf is a part of it too ;)

We promise to take care of you and that you will end up wanting to come back. Be it your romantic weekend, weightloss week, yoga holidays or company event, we assure you that it will be an unforgettable and refreshing experience, in a rural atmosphere. Enjoy our 13th-Century sea-view villa, embraced by the mountains in summer.

All our Retreats include professional yoga classes, delicious, vegetarian and organic meals, therapeutic services (mainly Ayurveda) and unforgettable accommodation. Our world-class therapists and workshops will delight you in your free time. It´s time to treat yourself as you deserve!

NEW! - We are open ALL SUMMER! And you can come on any chosen date. If it doesn't fall on an organised retreat, then you have: accommodation, 3 meals a day and a Yoga class, all for 60€/ day. You have plenty to enjoy - the mountain, the near-by sea, the picturesque village of Estellencs - just 10 minutes away, the natural spring pool, with its healing waters and more.

Why choose Ashram OM?

  • Experienced professionals
  • Delicious organic food
  • Exclusive Majorcan country villa
  • Personalized attention






28 July - 3 August (DELUXE YOGA AND MASSAGE)



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