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Maria Rusina

A Naturopath, Private Yoga Teacher (Licensed in India, Bulgaria, USA) Hatha, Raja, Vinyasa, Kryia, Bhakti, Ashtanga Yoga, Yoga Integral,accredited by the Yoga Alliance, Pilates Trainer, Therapist in Ayurveda (with a long-time practice in hospitals in India) and SUJOK. Maria has lived for many years in India from where she learnt, from a young age, the sciences of Ayurveda and Yoga, with Indian Masters and Doctors, since 1990. In Japan and Thailand, Maria practiced during many years Zen Meditation and Thai Massage. Since then up to now she teaches Courses and Classes in Spain, India and online. Relax and let Maria take you into the magical world of Yoga and Meditation.


Antoni Calafell

Toni, as we call him, is a professional agricultural engineer, who will teach us the magic of plants and herbs, as we follow his enchanting routes in the Tramuntana mountains. He was born and grew up in Ses Amitges, the magnificent villa of Ashram Om Retreats, and will gladly take us on a trip in time around the property. He will also be teaching us the art of cultivating organic food and making old-style, home-made bread in a 13th Century oven. He is Ashram Om´s mountain guide. His experience has been in Spain and in Argentina.


Ina Troya

Instructor in Yoga Vinnyasa, Mantra Meditation and massages certified by Vaisnava Academy in Vrinadvan, India. She has lived and practiced in different countries like Sweden, Switzerland, India and Bulgaria. She is also our raw food specialist.


Adrian Lopez

Personal trainer and professional masseur with an extensive experience in Andorra, Argentina and Spain, specialized in Chiromassage, Natural Therapies, Sports massage and Reiki. After many years of traveling and experience Adrian has developed his own massage technique which implies an energetic recharging, chakra balancing and complete body and mind relaxation.


Andreas Kampf

Andreas Kampf professional Vedic Astrologer, trained in Germany and India. Bhakti Meditation trainer and Japa practice. He is responsible for the delightful presentations and classes in our Retreats about Vastu Shastra, Vedic Astrology and Meditation, in English and German (Spanish translation is always available).

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